First Services Hospitality Training Programs

Our training programs are designed for the hospitality industry. We work closely with owners and managers to correct complaints from management, staff and customers. All of our trainers have worked in the hospitality industry some with more than 20 years experience! We are not like all the other training companies we guarantee our work and are results driven.

Our Training Programs:

  • Communication Skills Courses
  • Relevant Skills: Salesmanship, Ethical Practices, Challenging Behaviours, Working with Diverse Cultures and Personal Growth
  • Quality Skills: Achieving Customer Loyalty, Delivering Beyond the Customer Expectations, Successful Client Interactions
  • Stress Reduction Training
  • Customer and Work Place Conflict Management
  • Team Development
  • Telephone Sales Training
  • Business Etiquette Courses
  • Action plan to improve their customer service skills
  • Supervisor and Mid-Management Development

Do you know the Number 1 reason why customers do not come back? We do! Call us now for a free training quote  (778)988-9440 or click here to go to our contact form.


Joseph D

Brenda Phillips, is an excellent content expert and is fluent with the topic. She engages people in the activity and maintains control and continually encourages participation. Her style is well balanced between teaching and group discussion. I would not hesitate to use Brenda again as I found her to be an excellent instructor.